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If you’re experiencing poor circulation or other related health problems, you might benefit from a diagnostic test like vascular ultrasound. This safe, noninvasive treatment provides vital insights about the health of your heart and veins, making effective treatment possible. At Premier Cardiovascular Consultants, with three convenient locations in Troy, Taylor, and Detroit, Michigan, board-certified cardiovascular specialist Hammam Zmily, MD, and the team proudly offer vascular ultrasound on-site in their comfortable, welcoming offices. To schedule an appointment, call the location nearest you or book online today.

Vascular Ultrasound Q & A

What is a vascular ultrasound?

Vascular ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses high-frequency soundwaves to examine the circulation in your arms and legs. The procedure is noninvasive, meaning there are no incisions, sutures, or needles involved.

During a vascular ultrasound, your Premier Cardiovascular Consultants provider uses a handheld device called a transducer to transmit soundwaves through the soft tissues throughout your body.

The sound waves bounce off of your blood vessels and blood cells, allowing your provider to calculate their speed. The soundwaves also send images back to a computer monitor, allowing your provider to make a proper diagnosis.

Why would I need a vascular ultrasound?

There are several reasons your doctor might recommend undergoing a vascular ultrasound. At Premier Cardiovascular Consultants, the team uses vascular ultrasounds to evaluate:

  • The blood flow in your arteries that supply blood to your brain
  • The blood flow to a newly transplanted organ
  • Blood flow in your arteries
  • Narrowing arteries or other vascular problems 

The team performs vascular ultrasounds on-site, meaning you don’t have to visit a specialist or other facility to participate in the test.

What happens during a vascular ultrasound?

Before your vascular ultrasound begins, you lie down on an exam table, and your provider carefully applies a water-soluble jelly to the surface of your skin. Next, your provider uses a handheld tool called a transducer to produce images on the ultrasound screen.

Vascular ultrasounds are safe and well-tolerated, but you might experience some discomfort when your provider applies the transducer to your arms or legs. You might also hear noises as your provider listens to your blood flow and records measurements.

How long does a vascular ultrasound take?

The length of your vascular ultrasound depends on the issues that your provider is trying to pinpoint. However, most people are in and out of the office within 30-90 minutes.

To speed up the treatment process, try to arrive at your appointment 15 minutes early. This will give you plenty of time to fill out insurance information and other necessary paperwork.

How do I receive the results of my vascular ultrasound?

Following your vascular ultrasound, your Premier Cardiovascular Consultants provider reviews your test results and generates a test report. After creating the report, your provider walks you through the results and explains any underlying problems they discovered. Afterward, he develops a custom care plan to improve your heart health and quality of life.

To schedule a vascular ultrasound appointment at Premier Cardiovascular Consultants, call the office nearest you or book online today.

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